Stop playing chicken with the vacuum cleaner!


Photo by Moyan_Brenn

Since birth, Layla has always been the more energetic and impatient of the twins.  Katherine seems to be more patient to watch and observe.

Layla learned to walk first because she was so impatient and just wanted to go, go, go!!  I always assumed that this meant she was more of our daredevil.

But the last time I vacuumed, I found out I was wrong.  I found out they each have a little daredevil inside of them.  As soon as I turned on the vacuum cleaner Layla ran out of the room — and didn’t return!

But Katherine, she decided it would be fun to run in front of the vacuum cleaner while I was pushing it.  She would see how close she could get to it without me running over her feet.  And of course, she would squeal and giggle while she did this.  Then she decided to lay down in front of it while I was pushing it…and try to touch it with her hand!

It was a good reminder that I shouldn’t try and “assume” anything with the personalities of my children.  I just need to wait and see what is revealed.


Chasing Bubbles

bubble forming

Photo by The Big Quack

Yesterday was a beautiful, unusually warm day for January.  Sixty degrees!  So I loaded the girls up in the  stroller and we took a nice walk to the local park and watched the ducks.  When we got back, it was still so nice I didn’t feel like starting supper so I let the girls run around in our backyard.  After a few minutes of Layla walking around and crunching the grass under her feet, and Katherine just sitting in the grass, we got the bubbles out.

You would have thought I had just bought them new iPhones or something!  They were giggling and pointing at the bubbles.  Layla tried to chase them to pop them.  Katherine thought it was funny when they landed on her nose and popped.

We must have stayed out there for almost an hour, chasing bubbles.  And we never got bored.

I have to say that I am surprised that motherhood doesn’t bore me, because I remember that the few times I babysat in high school, I thought it was so dull!  And when I was pregnant, I remember being scared that maybe I would get bored being a mom, thought it would be like babysitting.

But I didn’t have anything to worry about.  From the very beginning, I realized I could sit with my girls and do one activity over and over again with them and never get bored.  The first time I made this realization I was shaking a rattle for the girls before they could hold it, trying to get them to turn to the sound.  I would sit in front of them forever!  Now, it is singing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” a million times, or blowing bubbles for an hour.  And it is never boring!

Thank goodness motherhood is nothing like babysitting!

Thank God for good fathers


Photo by ADDROX

Today started out great.  Girls were happy this morning and super cute.  We were rocking out to toddler jams, like “If You’re Happy and You Know It.”  Katherine actually stamped her feet for the first time ever.

And then, partway through lunch, it all switched from 🙂 to WAH!  Got the girls down for a nap (after much crying) and thought we were all clear for a couple hours.

30 minutes after they fell asleep, Layla woke up, crying.  She woke up Katherine and everyone under this roof was crabby.  I remember looking at the clock, which said 2:00PM and all I could think of was, “There are still four more hours until Eloy gets home.”  I got to get out of here!

So, we loaded up and left the house.  Life got better.  🙂 We visited the Panera Bread and shared an orange scone.

We came back home and I had just started fixing supper when Eloy (thankfully) got home.  He took them downstairs and I got a break for over an hour.  I’ll tell you what, that break was a breath of fresh air.  It was exactly what I needed.  I am so grateful that I have a great husband who is such an involved father.  I could hear them giggling  as their Dad chased them up and down the hallway and played cars.

So not only do Moms need their husbands to give them a break, I think the children need a break from their Mommas, and I am thankful that God gave me such a wonderful father for my baby girls.

No more Cheerios until you eat the ones on the floor!

Cheerio Face
This week I was trying to get supper in the oven and my twin girls, who are almost 18 months old had different plans. I gave them both some Cheerios in a bowl and turned my back to them to work at the counter.  Pretty soon I heard, “More, more!”  I went to toss some more Cheerios into their bowls (which at times feels like I am giving food to a pet) when I noticed all of the other Cheerios, scattered on the floor.  Before I could think I said, “You can’t have any more Cheerios until you eat the ones off the floor.”

What am I saying?!? What am I teaching these kids?!?

And then I start rationalizing it. Here’s my reasons.

1. It is a lesson in not wasting food. Forget that I just encouraged them to eat them straight from the floor, which probably has a million different germs.

2. Speaking of germs, eating off the floor helps build their immune systems.

3. Considering the girls never used to eat, I am grateful they just eat something!

Housework never gets done until guests are expected.


Photo by Denise Chan,

Mom?  Or Housekeeper?  This is a question I battle with every day – I want to be successful at both.  I want a house like what you see in the magazines where everything is spotless.  Who am I kidding?  I’d be ok with a floor that doesn’t have the perpetual cracker crumbs that are always sticking to my feet, and where the toys get picked up every night.

I know there are things that have to be done often, like sweep, dishes, laundry.    You have to have clean dishes to eat from, a clean floor so the girls can eat Cheerios from it, and clothes on our backs.  But there are other chores that I sometimes choose not to do just because they aren’t that pressing.  Who cares if there are papers lining the railing on our stairs, or if there are some misplaced drill bits sitting on my hutch?  I know my girls don’t care.  They won’t remember that!

I want them to remember if I stopped to read them a book, give hugs and kisses, or a play a game of “Ring around the Rosies.”  In life there are things that matter and right now those are my two beautiful daughters.  So dust bunnies, you can stay for another week, or maybe two, or maybe until I decide to have some guests over for supper.  But for now, just keep me and my daughters company.