Housework never gets done until guests are expected.

Photo by Denise Chan,

Mom?  Or Housekeeper?  This is a question I battle with every day – I want to be successful at both.  I want a house like what you see in the magazines where everything is spotless.  Who am I kidding?  I’d be ok with a floor that doesn’t have the perpetual cracker crumbs that are always sticking to my feet, and where the toys get picked up every night.

I know there are things that have to be done often, like sweep, dishes, laundry.    You have to have clean dishes to eat from, a clean floor so the girls can eat Cheerios from it, and clothes on our backs.  But there are other chores that I sometimes choose not to do just because they aren’t that pressing.  Who cares if there are papers lining the railing on our stairs, or if there are some misplaced drill bits sitting on my hutch?  I know my girls don’t care.  They won’t remember that!

I want them to remember if I stopped to read them a book, give hugs and kisses, or a play a game of “Ring around the Rosies.”  In life there are things that matter and right now those are my two beautiful daughters.  So dust bunnies, you can stay for another week, or maybe two, or maybe until I decide to have some guests over for supper.  But for now, just keep me and my daughters company.


6 thoughts on “Housework never gets done until guests are expected.

    1. Thanks Hannah! It’s been fun starting the blog. I’m sure we could come up with some great topics to write about one of these times we get together. 🙂

    1. I used to do the same thing before kids, but we had less stuff at that time, so it didn’t seem like such a big deal. But I’ve started worrying less about it, and have the people over, even if I don’t get the house cleaned. I figure they don’t care. They came to see the girls, not the house 🙂

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