No more Cheerios until you eat the ones on the floor!

Cheerio Face
This week I was trying to get supper in the oven and my twin girls, who are almost 18 months old had different plans. I gave them both some Cheerios in a bowl and turned my back to them to work at the counter.  Pretty soon I heard, “More, more!”  I went to toss some more Cheerios into their bowls (which at times feels like I am giving food to a pet) when I noticed all of the other Cheerios, scattered on the floor.  Before I could think I said, “You can’t have any more Cheerios until you eat the ones off the floor.”

What am I saying?!? What am I teaching these kids?!?

And then I start rationalizing it. Here’s my reasons.

1. It is a lesson in not wasting food. Forget that I just encouraged them to eat them straight from the floor, which probably has a million different germs.

2. Speaking of germs, eating off the floor helps build their immune systems.

3. Considering the girls never used to eat, I am grateful they just eat something!


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