Chasing Bubbles

bubble forming
Photo by The Big Quack

Yesterday was a beautiful, unusually warm day for January.  Sixty degrees!  So I loaded the girls up in the  stroller and we took a nice walk to the local park and watched the ducks.  When we got back, it was still so nice I didn’t feel like starting supper so I let the girls run around in our backyard.  After a few minutes of Layla walking around and crunching the grass under her feet, and Katherine just sitting in the grass, we got the bubbles out.

You would have thought I had just bought them new iPhones or something!  They were giggling and pointing at the bubbles.  Layla tried to chase them to pop them.  Katherine thought it was funny when they landed on her nose and popped.

We must have stayed out there for almost an hour, chasing bubbles.  And we never got bored.

I have to say that I am surprised that motherhood doesn’t bore me, because I remember that the few times I babysat in high school, I thought it was so dull!  And when I was pregnant, I remember being scared that maybe I would get bored being a mom, thought it would be like babysitting.

But I didn’t have anything to worry about.  From the very beginning, I realized I could sit with my girls and do one activity over and over again with them and never get bored.  The first time I made this realization I was shaking a rattle for the girls before they could hold it, trying to get them to turn to the sound.  I would sit in front of them forever!  Now, it is singing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” a million times, or blowing bubbles for an hour.  And it is never boring!

Thank goodness motherhood is nothing like babysitting!


4 thoughts on “Chasing Bubbles

  1. I love reading your blogs because you write things that I’ve thought to myself but haven’t really put into words, spoken or written. Esp. the thing about motherhood vs. babysitting – I found myself having those thoughts in high school and having those fears while I was preggo, but we had nothing to worry about, did we?! Right on, girl!

    1. I am trying to be completely honest in this blog, even if it things that I wouldn’t have used to say. And I think we are doing a pretty good job, even if babysitting was boring 🙂

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