Stop playing chicken with the vacuum cleaner!

Photo by Moyan_Brenn

Since birth, Layla has always been the more energetic and impatient of the twins.  Katherine seems to be more patient to watch and observe.

Layla learned to walk first because she was so impatient and just wanted to go, go, go!!  I always assumed that this meant she was more of our daredevil.

But the last time I vacuumed, I found out I was wrong.  I found out they each have a little daredevil inside of them.  As soon as I turned on the vacuum cleaner Layla ran out of the room — and didn’t return!

But Katherine, she decided it would be fun to run in front of the vacuum cleaner while I was pushing it.  She would see how close she could get to it without me running over her feet.  And of course, she would squeal and giggle while she did this.  Then she decided to lay down in front of it while I was pushing it…and try to touch it with her hand!

It was a good reminder that I shouldn’t try and “assume” anything with the personalities of my children.  I just need to wait and see what is revealed.


2 thoughts on “Stop playing chicken with the vacuum cleaner!

  1. I’m also learning with CJ that we as parents really control very little when it comes to our children (esp. in regards to their personalities)! This is a hard but a good lesson to learn. Glad we are in this parenting thing together.

    1. We think we know their personalities, and then something new just comes along and changes our view! I’m glad we don’t have it all figured out – I think it would get boring. I like the surprises.

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