Month: February 2012

What my Grandma (and her house) taught me

Nearly a year ago my grandma had a stroke that ultimately left her unable to communicate clearly and lose use of her right side.  She is currently in a nursing home, and will most likely not return home. I've had a year to come to terms with this.  I can handle going to see her … Continue reading What my Grandma (and her house) taught me


It’s never JUST fixing supper.

Courtesy of My husband typically gets home a little before 6:00PM so I try to have supper on the table shortly after.  In order to accomplish this, this usually means I have to start around 3:30.  Yes, it usually takes me 2-1/2 hours to cook supper, unless it is something like bratwursts or hamburgers.  Why? … Continue reading It’s never JUST fixing supper.