5 Tips to Get Out of the House Easier


(Notice I didn’t say on time…we’re still working on that!)

  1. Keep an on-going “To-Pack” and To-Do” lists.   Add to it as you think of things.  I keep lists online for when we go certain places, like the zoo, or my parents house for the weekend.
  2. Pack your car in advance, so all you have to do when the time comes to leave is get the kids ready to go, and in the car.  This works well if you are leaving in the afternoon, and you can pack throughout the day.  If you are leaving in the morning, pack the night before.
  3. Keep the diaper bag packed.  There’s nothing worse than getting to a place and realizing you have a kid with a poopy diaper and no baby wipes, or no diaper! (I think we’ve all done this one at least once.)
  4. Keep the kids’ shoes right by the door in a box so you always know where to find them.  When you come home, take them off and put them back in the box.  It keeps you from having to dig through their toy baskets looking for that last shoe.
  5. Pick good times to leave.  You know your children, and you know their routines.  Leave when they are going to be happiest.  For example, don’t try and leave at snack time, or you’ll have meltdowns galore!

(And go with the flow!  Rarely will things go smoothly, or as planned.)


2 thoughts on “5 Tips to Get Out of the House Easier

  1. Go with the flow….is a great way to live with kids! It’s the only way we’re able to get together with any regularity!

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