Singing Opera with Mommy

Opera Singer

One night driving home after supper with family I turned on the NPR channel playing classical music. There was a soprano singing a German aria. In other words, the type of song you think of when think opera, with a really high voiced female singer and an orchestra in the background.

I was enjoying it, and after a few minutes I hear a high, two pitched song come from the back–Ahhhhh—–AHHHH. My Katherine was singing opera! I was so proud! My baby is a singer!

So naturally, I join in singing with her, hoping she does it again. She only did it once more before she fell asleep.

The next morning I tried it again, singing loud and high pitched. This time BOTH girls were singing with me. Made me giggle. And made me proud! Maybe I have a couple of singers in the making.

Now, I know singing opera isn’t the “cool” thing, but maybe I can sneak in a few years of exposure to it before someone tells them that. And maybe by then they won’t care.


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