Better take down Christmas before Easter gets here!

o christmas tree

The girls went down for their nap at 1, and that’s when I looked around and decided to take down Christmas decorations.  I have to admit, I’m pretty proud that it’s only February and the decorations are coming down!  Last year, I realized Santa was still sitting out on the mantel.  In August!  If I had waited just a couple more months, I wouldn’t have had to move him at all!

This year we didn’t put up a Christmas tree, figuring the two toddlers would manage to knock it over, or try to climb it.  Instead, we put garland with lights on our mantel.  We just hung our ornaments right on the garland!  The girls love it!  Every morning, the girls would come out and ask us to turn on the Christmas lights.

Every year when I was growing up, my Mom would buy us an ornament, and put the year on them.  That way, when we got married or moved to a house on our own, we would already have ornaments for our tree.  Now, every year, I have fun remembering the past Christmases as I look at all the different ornaments.

I have my 101 Dalmatians ornament, (I must have watched that movie a hundred times), the ones from school that you glued your school photo to, even the ones made in Kindergarten.

We started this for our girls too. We tried finding Elmo ornaments for this year since they LOVE Elmo, but couldn’t find any.  Wonder what the girls will be into next year?  It will be fun as they get in to school and start making ornaments in class.

Last year they just sat under the tree in their bouncer chairs.  This year, Katherine woke up from her nap before her sister, so she is helping me put the ornaments into our box.  Who knew taking down ornaments could be such fun?

Let the memories begin!


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