It’s never JUST fixing supper.

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My husband typically gets home a little before 6:00PM so I try to have supper on the table shortly after.  In order to accomplish this, this usually means I have to start around 3:30.  Yes, it usually takes me 2-1/2 hours to cook supper, unless it is something like bratwursts or hamburgers.  Why?  Because there are so many other things that I wind up doing OTHER than preparing supper that even though the recipe says it will only take 45 minutes to prepare, I know that it is a whole different story when kids are in the mix.  I think it is reasonable to allow an extra hour per kid for prep time.

I had this realization tonight, about an hour into the preparation of supper.  So, I decided to write down everything that I remembered doing, and continued until  supper was ready.  Keep in mind that today was a relatively calm and easy supper preparation.  We had no melt downs.  The girls played nicely with each other.  There were no blow out diapers (which happened just last week, which constituted a bath and that is another post just by itself), and no major catastrophes.


  • Start supper by pulling out the bacon from the freezer, and getting set up to peel the butternut squash.
  • Give snacks to girls – PB&J sandwich, pudding, cheese.
  • Sing “Little Fishy” song.
  • Peel butternut squash.
  • Keep giving snacks – banana and Girl Scout cookie.
  • Back to peeling the squash.  While doing this, talk to the girls about the color of the inside & outside of the squash.
  • Wash girls’ hands and faces, then the trays.
  • Sweep up after snack.  And when I sweep, it means I have to pick up toys.
  • Open the spice container given to girls three times
  • Wipe noses.
  • Back to cutting up that squash.
  • Pretend to eat food the girls “made”.
  • Break up a fight
  • Dance party in the kitchen!
  • Wipe noses again.
  • Break up another fight.


  • We’re still cutting up the squash at this point.  Or maybe it was the onion by now?
  • Kisses!
  • More pretend eating of pretend food.  Yummy!
  • In order to avoid a throw down, I have to stop to get a second plastic spoon out of the cabinet so they can feed their baby dolls which required getting a step stool to get into the cabinet above the fridge.
  • Referee a disagreement
  • Re-find a spoon/referee
  • Failed Attempt #1 to use the restroom.  Layla wanted to give me a hug.
  • Forget to use the restroom.
  • Wipe noses.
  • Hear the girls giggle and peak to see what is going on
  • Hold Katherine and dance with her in the kitchen
  • Open up the spice container again.  Five times in a row.


  • Failed Attempt #2 to use the restroom.  Katherine hit her mouth and needs a hug.
  • Open spice container a couple more times.
  • Cut up the bacon.
  • Finally, a successful bathroom break!
  • Put on a pot of water to boil for the pasta.
  • Hallelujah, what needs to be in the oven is in the oven!  The pasta water is almost ready to boil, and the bacon is cut up and ready to go in the pan.  A stopping point!  We went and read books at this point.
  • From here to supper is kind of a haze.  My husband came home at one point and I was able to focus on just cooking.

And that my fellow readers is how supper gets cooked in our household. 🙂


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