We survived the rainy week with a little bit of paint, a library, and a lot of welcoming friends

Rain drop reflection
Rain, rain go away!

When I looked at the forecast at the beginning of this week, all I saw was rain, rain and more rain.  I was a little afraid my girls (and I!) were going to get tired of being inside, but in the end it was one of our busiest weeks!

Monday came and it rained all day.  We did something new – we painted!  The girls love coloring, but it seems much less scary than painting.  But I put little aprons on them, put little dots of paint on styrofoam plates, and let them at it.  They loved it, and were so careful with the paint!  My husband liked the paintings so much, he took the paintings to work and hung them up in his office the next day.  Late afternoon we loaded up and went to the library.  The girls were so excited for a scenery change.

It rained all day on Tuesday.  The girls were getting bored so after nap, we played a game.  It was an impromptu game.  We’ll call it “Toss the Washcloth.”  The girls were still in their cribs, and I laid on the floor in between them.  They tossed their washcloths/burp rags out to me, and I would toss them back in.  Doesn’t sound so exciting now that I’m writing about it, but they thought it was pretty funny for about thirty minutes.  Oh, and when Eloy arrived home I begged him to go with us to the library again.

Guess what the weather was like on Wednesday?  If you said rainy, you guessed correctly!  On Wednesday, I had a sewing lesson here at my house in the morning and the girls played with my sewing teacher’s kids (who, by the way, are the best babysitters ever!).  That afternoon I had yet another friend over to see the girls.  Just before she left, I found out Eloy wasn’t going to be home until late, so the girls and I went over to a friend’s house for an hour.  This friend (Hannah) has a daughter around my girls’ age; her name is Cassie.

Thursday – it rained until after the sun set.

When the girls woke up Thursday morning the first thing Katherine asked for was “Cassie?” (her friend).  Then she said, “Bye-bye.  Cassie?  Bye-bye!”  I guess she knew where she wanted to go!  It was way more fun at her friend’s house than here at home 🙂

Thursday I had a funeral to attend so I dropped the girls off at Cassie’s house, and I started the trip to the funeral (which was a disaster – I had misread the time and the car was giving me trouble, so I wound up missing the funeral but made it to the cemetery and family supper).  On my way home from the funeral activities, I dropped off some cousins and went to the store to pick up some needed items – bread and eggs! – and got home around 10:00PM.  A late night!

Friday we finally saw the sun!!  What a welcome sight after such a dreary week.  It was pretty soppy, so we went up to yet another friend’s house, about 30 minutes from here, and went to a consignment sale.  It was a bust, but when we went back to the friend’s house, the girls had so much fun playing with the other kids.

I was surprised at how easy it was to keep the girls occupied this week, despite the lack of choices of activities.  All we needed was a little bit of paint, a library, and a lot of welcoming friends to play with throughout the week.


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