OH NO! Don’t play with the poop!

Diaper Changing - Step One
In the words of my oldest daughter Katherine, "EWWWW! Stinky!".
Photo courtesy of sunsurfr.

Yes, you guessed it by the title.  Yesterday was my first experience with a child playing in their own poop.  Gross.  And you know what made it worse?  I had a semi-unexpected visitor show up at my door before I figured this out.  Let’s start at the beginning.

I sleep in with my girls nearly every morning.  However late they sleep, I sleep.  I feel no need whatsoever to get up before them and do dishes, or laundry, or anything else.  I am still catching up with my sleep debt from when they refused to sleep all night (which lasted until they were 16 months!).

Anyway, this morning, the girls decided to sleep in until about 9:15 am.  (Yes I know, unbelievable!  🙂 Please don’t hate me, I’ve had my turn at getting next-to-no sleep 🙂 )  I heard them stirring in their cribs – this morning they were happy and just jabbering away – so I decided to see if I could catch a few more minutes of relaxation and started drifting back to sleep when I hear a loud knock on my door.

All I could think was “CRAP! I’m not presentable.”  I ran around, throwing on clothes to go answer the door.  On my way to the door, I pass by the girls’ room and peek in.  Layla was saying in her sing-song voice, “Uh-oh. Uh-oh.” over and over again, so when I saw that Layla had unzipped her footed jammies and was almost completely out of them, I just laughed and thought “I need to get the camera and take a picture.”  So, answering the door, I find a lady we will call Sue.  In the back of my mind, I remember talking with her on the phone and thought she was just going to call me this morning (which she had, I had just ignored her phone call because the girls were still asleep and I was still asleep and besides, she was calling before the time she said she was going to call.  I also put the phone on silent after this in case she called again so she wouldn’t disturb us again.)  It turns out that she said she would call BEFORE she came over to my house to chat.  Oops.

Anyway, I let Sue into the house and told her, “Come with me into the girls’ room.  They are just getting up and I need to change their diapers and put clothes on them.”  On my way to the room I grabbed the camera, and upon entering the room I snapped a picture.  “Say cheese!”

Diaper Change - 212/365 - 31 July 2009
Call for backup!
Photo courtesy of John Flinchbaugh.

It was as I was snapping that first picture that I realize exactly what the “UH-OH” was about.  It wasn’t that Layla was almost out of her jammies.  Oh no.  It was that she had dirtied her britches and some of it had squished out, and she had rubbed it all over her leg.  And the bed sheet.  And it was dried all over her hand.

Horrified, I cleaned Layla up as best as I could with baby wipes and told myself to remember to wash her hands with soap and water before breakfast.  All the while I’m cleaning, Sue is sitting on the girls’ floor, chatting away with me.  I’m just trying not to get poop everywhere.  It was all over by the time we were done, so we had to change the changing pad cover.  I kept thinking, “If I just had one she would be getting a bath right now because it would be easier than trying to scrub this poop off with a wimpy baby wipe.”

After cleaning up Layla, and getting clothes on Layla and Katherine we went out to get them breakfast.  After a couple minor fits I got their toast with Nutella set down in front of them and continued to chat with Sue.

It wasn’t until she left that I realized that I had forgotten to re-wash Layla’s hands.

Luckily Sue is a mom, and I’m sure she understand.  But I don’t think she’ll be visiting in the morning again any time soon  🙂


One thought on “OH NO! Don’t play with the poop!

  1. You have to get this published in the paper as a columnist or a short story on all your commets. It is so cute, and very visual… I lved it. Reminded me of each child and their times. Every child does it and that is what makes it so funny. All of us can relate to this.

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