If we’re quiet, you’d better come find us!

My younger sister used to have a shirt with the saying, “If I’m quiet, you better come find me!”  We bought it for her because it fit her perfectly when she was a toddler.  Now, I’m wishing my mom had kept it and could pass it on to my children.

Here are the mishaps from two days ago.


Four of them were Layla’s.  Who do you think is more in need of the shirt at this point 🙂

Outfit #1 and #2: Apparently there was a leaky sippie cup that I didn’t catch, causing two different outfit changes.  The first was just the pair of Layla’s pants that got soaked.  The second happened during a Curious George – Layla was sitting on the couch and both her and couch were soaked!  And don’t just think that the sippie cup leaked.  I know for a fact that she was holding the cup upside down saying, “AGUA!”  and then Katherine would giggle and say, “UH-OH”.

Outfit #3: Apple juice.  I put their apple juice in a cup that apparently sprinkles the water out when you turn it upside down and shake.  I found dribbles of it all over their play room.  Any horizontal surface, or any toy that was exposed to air was covered in speckles of apple juice.  Did I also mention that Layla had sprinkled her sister’s head with apple juice too?  And somehow, in this process Layla had gotten soaked from head to foot.  Again.

Outfit #4: This was an incident involving bubbles – Layla doesn’t understand that she doesn’t need to put the bubble wand on her mouth, so the bubble water drips down her chin, onto her neck, onto her shirt.  By the end of the hour long bubble blowing session the entire front side of her shirt and the top part of her capris was soaked.  It incredibly cute to watch her blow bubbles!

Outfit #5: Katherine was easy.  She just had one outfit change – a blowout!  And the best part was that it was on Eloy’s shift so I didn’t have to worry about it 🙂

Always count the crayons you give your children

Crayon Lineup
Count your Crayons

I used to count the crayons before and after the girls were done coloring.  And then I got lazy.  And a couple of times the girls even found a stray crayon and right away gave it to me.  But then yesterday, they found a blue crayon laying around.  Non-washable.  And they colored all over their new plastic play house as well as one of their seats.  Thank goodness for 409 cleaner.

And where was I? Cleaning up from lunch.  Does this mean I get out of doing dishes? 🙂


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