“Bleep! #@*%” “QUARTER!”

Coin Jar
I’ll be honest with you. Before college I never used many cuss words. And then, without the parents around to give me that “glare” if I used a naughty word, I slipped into the habit of using more “colorful language.”

Then, after being married a couple of years my husband and I found out we were pregnant (yay!). One of the things we decided to battle before the kids arrived was our bad language that we didn’t want our kids to pick up on.

Our initial attempts went something like this:

3 months to due date

Me:D#*@ it! I can’t find my shoes.

Eloy: What happened to not cussing?

Me: S@$! We still have a while. Who cares.

3 months after girls were born

Eloy: Why the h*@^ can’t you go to sleep? It’s 3 in the morning!! Please go to sleep!

Me: What happened to not cussing?

Eloy: They can’t understand us yet.

Me: No, but it won’t be long!

And then our new solution

Every time we said a bad word, we would tell each other “quarter,” which we were supposed to then owe into a college fund for the girls. For the next 6 months we used that cue all the time. Unfortunately, we never got a jar out. Otherwise we might have had a pretty good start on the college fund by now.


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