Why staying in a hospital rocks after giving birth

Why staying in a hospital rocks after giving birth

A couple days ago my first nephew was born. They live like 2,000 miles away so I won’t get to cuddle up with him for awhile. This also means I am not in a place to help out my sister and her husband. So, on their 2nd night in the hospital I wrote this list up of why hospitals are awesome. Now, let’s be honest, hospitals are not a good place to get rest. That happens when you finally get to go home and fall into your own bed. But a little humor never hurt when you are awake at 3:45 in the morning when the baby won’t sleep and the parents haven’t slept in 48 hours.

Why Hospitals Stays rock After Giving Birth

1. Catered meals in bed – you can’t beat a hot meal delivered right to your bed. And most importantly – no dishes or kitchen clean up afterwards!
2. Nursing hospital nightgowns – the draftiness is great for those middle of the night sweats
3. Lactation consultants – because who doesn’t like their boobs getting man-handled? (And we even ask for it!)
4. Gratefulness – Because those beds are immensely uncomfortable, your bed at home will never sound so good. It is helping increase your gratitude for the little things.
5. Tiny showers – my shower was so tiny I didn’t have room to shave my legs; this giving me a legitimate reason NOT to shave my legs.
6. Free massages – those tummy massages were so relaxing…(ok, not so much)
7. Free diapers, wipes and laundry service!!
8. Free cable! Too cheap to splurge for that cable package? Have a baby at our hospital, get free cable!



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