We love to go outside and play!

Hi! My name is Andrea and my husband is Eloy.  We have been happily married for almost four years now.  18 months ago we were blessed with two beautiful daughters.  Twins!  They keep us plenty busy.  Before becoming a parent I taught music in the public schools.  Now, I am a stay-at-home mommy.

Parenting is the most rewarding thing a person can do – and the most challenging.  Just when you think you are getting the hang of being a parent, your kids are ready for a new stage.  And with these new stages come not only new blessings, but new problems and challenges to work through.

I find that there are some things about parenthood are easy to talk about with others.  And then there are other things that aren’t as freely discussed because we are afraid we will be judged.  But I also know that when I am completely honest and open with other parents, they tend to open up and we find out that we have similar experiences.

I want this to be a completely honest blog so when other parents read a post they can say, “I’ve done/seen/experiences/felt that too!”

I can’t always promise to be funny or eloquent in my writing.  But I can promise that what is written here will always be honest and truthful.  So here’s to parenthood – a beautiful yet unpredictable journey.

Hard to believe we have been married almost 4 years!
What a great Daddy!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Andrea,

    I didn’t see a contact form, so dropping in here so say, Hi Neighbor! Read about you in the Informer (cool!). I’m also a Wichita area mommy blogger…but not with twins! Glad to have found your blog and love the idea of being real. Come by and say hi sometime, would love to connect!

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