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Why my husband is a great father

When I was dating Eloy I had quite a few opportunities to see him with little kids.  But nothing could prepare me for how great of a father he would be for our three little girls.  (We have twins who turn three next month, and a seven month old baby.) Every night before my husband … Continue reading Why my husband is a great father


Zebra did it.

My girls are always surprising me with how much they know, understand, and new concepts they are learning.  For example, we have been working on animal sounds and names and I didn't think the girls were getting it until a few weeks ago when I was driving home from a nearby city, and the girls … Continue reading Zebra did it.

How we survived newborn twins: Part 2

Besides having lots help those first few months, my husband and I had a few other things that helped us survive our newborn twins. Here's a short list: Survival Tip #1: Find the humor in any situation.  Haven't showered in half a week?  Crack a joke about how the girls' diapers smell better than you. … Continue reading How we survived newborn twins: Part 2