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Laundry Room Overhaul

Laundry Room Overhaul

I don't like to do laundry. There are so many places in the process where it can get piled up. It can be over-flowing in the hampers, waiting to washed, or piled up on the floor of my laundry room, making it hard to get to our freezer. It is waiting in stacked laundry baskets … Continue reading Laundry Room Overhaul


I just wanted to go to Target.

Getting anywhere on time is impossible.  Let me rephrase.  Getting anywhere is impossible.  Anyone else feel the same?  I see moms walk into library programs late looking a little frazzled.  I hope that they don't think that there is any judgement in my eyes because I get it.  In order to get somewhere I typically … Continue reading I just wanted to go to Target.

45 Simple Things that Make my Children Smile

It has been awhile (about a year!) since I blogged.  I stopped writing since I wasn't feeling the best - I had "morning sickness" all day long.  And then I just got lazy. 🙂 We welcomed our newest addition to our family on 12-12-2012, a joyous occasion!  Josephine is a sweet and easy-going baby, though … Continue reading 45 Simple Things that Make my Children Smile